Clover Car Vinyl

Made in Suffolk

Clover Car Vinyl

  • Fancy a Clover on your car... This vehicle vinyl is just the right amount of cute and classic. Where will you place yours?

  • Image size - 15cm


    Vehicle vinyl, weather proof. Rated as having 7yrs exterior life. To keep your Clover looking great avoid contact with anything sharp or abrasive, particularly the thin areas of the vinyl such as the whiskers. Do not pressure wash or steam clean.


    To apply

    Ensure surface is free from dust, dirt or residue. (Any residue may effect the vinyl's adhesion).

    Peel off backing and position vinyl.

    Rub over the whole of the vinyl, focussing in-particular on the edges. Push any air bubbles to the edge using a credit card or squeegee type product.

    Leave for 10mins, remove remaining backing by pulling a corner away in a diagnol direction.

    Do not apply in extreme temperatures. Clean with a soft non-abrasive cloth.

All images © Laura Jayne Fisk

© 2021 by Laura Jayne Fisk

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